21 Computer Mice you would die for

20 Computer Mice you would die for

A computer mouse speaks volumes about its user. Constantly at your fingertips, whether you’re grinding away at work or unwinding in leisure, it deserves your utmost attention. And this holds especially true for its design. Why should mice be mundane?

These cool AI-crafted designs stretch the imagination, ranging from the playfully creative to the pragmatically innovative, appealing to diverse preferences and requirements in the computer peripheral realm.

The market already boasts some extreme types of mice, like the MadCatz R.A.T. models, but often they’re too angular and rely heavily on plastic. The mouse depicted above, however, is one I’d eagerly adopt. Yet, this is just the beginning. These mice may not revolutionize design, but their craftsmanship is undeniably more thrilling. Keep an eye out for novel shapes in a forthcoming sequel.

Cyberpunk Neon Mouse

Cyberpunk Neon Mouse

A wireless mouse with a transparent acrylic body filled with glowing neon liquid. The colors change based on usage, and the mouse has cybernetic, circuit-like designs etched into it.

Astronomical Mouse

Designed to look like a mini planetarium, with constellations that light up on its surface and a small projector on the back that displays stars on the desk surface.

astronomical mouse

LED Dream Mouse

dream mouse 1

A top modern and stylish mouse whose body is completely made of a mosaic of small, luminous LEDs in a variety of colors, creating a vibrant and dynamic appearance like a glowing piece of art. The scroll wheel and buttons of the mouse are made of polished metal, offering an interesting contrast to the bright LED body and conveying a high-quality, solid feel. The mouse should be placed on a smooth surface to reflect the light of the LEDs and emphasize their brightness.

dream mouse 2

Steampunk Mechanical Mouse

A realistic design of a Steampunk Mechanical Mouse, featuring a unique blend of vintage and futuristic elements. The mouse has a transparent glass top, under which you can see exposed gears and cogs, moving as the mouse is used. It’s finished in brass and copper, giving it a classic steampunk aesthetic. The sides of the mouse are adorned with intricate steampunk-style engravings and rivets.

steampunk mouse

Swiss Made Luxury Computer Mice

swiss luxury mouse 2

A computer mouse designed with the intricacy and fine mechanics of an expensive Swiss luxury watch. The mouse is crafted with exquisite materials, showcasing a level of craftsmanship akin to a master horologist’s work. Its body is made of high-quality metals like brushed stainless steel or gold, with intricate mechanical details visible through transparent sections.

swiss luxury mouse 1

The surface gleams with a polished finish, and delicate gears and springs are visible, akin to the inner workings of a luxury watch. The design incorporates elegant curves and sophisticated lines, with subtle engravings and embellishments.

Luxurious, yes. But there’s more to it!

Diamond & Gold Mouse

diamond mouse

A luxurious computer mouse designed to look like it’s made of diamond, sparkling and transparent, with intricate facets reflecting light. The mouse maintains a usable shape, ergonomic and sleek. It is connected to a computer by a glistening gold cable, emphasizing its luxury and for security reasons. The mouse is placed on a polished, high-end glass desk, surrounded by opulent decor such as a golden lamp, a plush leather chair, and a vase with exotic flowers.

Industrial Colored Metal Mouse


A computer mouse constructed from various colored metal parts, giving it a vibrant yet industrial look. The mouse consists of multiple metallic segments, each featuring a different color like red, blue, green, and yellow. These segments are fastened together with visible screws, adding to the mechanical and robust aesthetic. The mouse’s surface is a mix of matte and glossy finishes, making the colors stand out distinctly.

Organic Mouse

bio mouse

The design of the second computer mouse is a fusion of organic and technological aesthetics, resembling a living creature with a flexible, segmented body for ergonomic interaction. Its surface blends smooth, skin-like textures with metallic panels, enhancing tactile experience. The mouse features touch-sensitive areas that glow when activated, and its buttons are seamlessly integrated into the body, offering intuitive use.

Alien Machine Mouse

alien mouse

A highly extreme version of a computer mouse designed to resemble an alien machine. This mouse is crafted from a complex blend of metals, featuring a network of intricate wires and tubes on the surface. It has a transparent section revealing mysterious inner workings, possibly alien technology, with glowing components and unidentifiable mechanisms. The mouse’s exterior is adorned with sharp, geometric metal protrusions, giving it an aggressive, sci-fi appearance. Its metallic surfaces are a mix of dark and reflective tones, creating a sense of depth and complexity.

Time Machine Mouse

time mouse 2

A computer mouse designed to resemble a futuristic time machine. This mouse features a sleek, ultra-modern design with a polished metallic surface that gleams with a futuristic sheen. It has intricate detailing that suggests advanced technology, including illuminated lines and panels that emit a soft, pulsating glow. The shape of the mouse is streamlined and aerodynamic, hinting at the speed and power of time travel. It includes elements like miniature dials and a digital display, implying the ability to control time.

time mouse 1

Concrete Mouse (Used Look)

concrete mouse

The mouse has a distinct, rugged texture characteristic of concrete, with contrasting smooth and metallic mechanical components, such as buttons and a scroll wheel, offering a visually striking contrast. Concrete is a sturdy material, potentially making the mouse more resistant to wear and tear. The heavier concrete base could provide a stable, grounded feel, reducing accidental movement. Concrete can absorb heat, potentially making the mouse more comfortable to use during long periods.

Wireframe Mouse

wireframe mouse

This mouse has a skeletal structure, with wires forming the overall shape and contours. The wires are not too closely meshed, allowing visibility into the interior details. Different wires are in various colors, adding a unique aesthetic to the design. Inside, there are small metal plates and intricate mechanical components, visible through the wire mesh. The design is modern and artistic, showcasing the internal workings of the mouse in a visually appealing way.

Glowing Rod Mouse

glowing rod mouse

This mouse has a unique design, with these colored rods spaced apart to create the outline and ergonomic shape of a standard mouse. The spacing between the rods is enough to give a glimpse of the interior workings of the mouse. The glowing rods provide a futuristic look, with each color possibly indicating different functions or parts of the mouse. Inside, you can see a minimalist structure with essential components like buttons and a scroll wheel, all integrated seamlessly into the design.

Hovercraft Mouse

spacecraft mouse 2

The design of this computer mouse is a radical departure from conventional designs, embodying an extreme and innovative approach. Inspired by science fiction and biomimicry, it resembles a miniature, futuristic spacecraft. Its most striking feature is the aerodynamic, levitating body, which hovers above the desk using magnetic levitation technology.

The surface of the mouse is made of a reflective, iridescent material that changes colors based on the viewing angle, adding a dynamic visual element. This design choice not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also suggests adaptability and interaction with the user’s environment.

Eschewing traditional physical buttons, the mouse utilizes gesture and motion sensors for control. This results in a completely smooth, buttonless design, offering a sleek and uncluttered user interface.

Additionally, the mouse emits a soft, ambient light from its base, contributing to its futuristic look and feel. This lighting could also serve a practical purpose, like indicating the mouse’s operational status or assisting users in low-light conditions.

Set in a cutting-edge tech lab, this mouse design positions itself as a piece of advanced technology, not just a peripheral, but a glimpse into the future of human-computer interaction. The overall design concept speaks to a harmony of form and function, merging the latest technological advancements with a bold aesthetic vision.

spacecraft mouse 1

Fantasy Mouse

fantasy mouse

The mouse boasts an elaborate and mystical design, blending traditional fantasy elements with modern technology. It’s crafted from materials that look like aged bronze and intricate elven silver, with ornate carvings depicting mythical creatures and ancient runes. The mouse is adorned with glowing gemstones that could serve as functional buttons, adding a magical touch. Its shape is ergonomic but with elegant, flowing lines that evoke a sense of ancient craftsmanship.

Heavy Metal Mouse I

heavy metal mouse

Too harmless?

Wait, take a look at this one, a little pain always is necessary, right?

Heavy Metal Mouse II

This is a more extreme, hardcore version has a more aggressive, angular shape, reflecting the intensity of heavy metal. It’s crafted from a dark, rugged metal with a matte finish, giving it a formidable appearance. The design includes even more pronounced heavy metal motifs, such as larger engravings of skulls, intricate gothic patterns, and metallic spikes.

heavy metal mouse 3

The mouse features bright red LED lights that illuminate these engravings, creating a dramatic effect reminiscent of a heavy metal concert’s stage lighting. The mouse’s ergonomics are enhanced with a more pronounced grip and edgy contours.

heavy metal mouse 2

The Wild Visionary Mouse

Mouse Design brought to an extreme.

visionary mouse 2

An image of an extremely futuristic and extravagantly designed computer mouse. The mouse has an unconventional, almost sculptural shape, vastly different from traditional mouse designs. Its surface is adorned with shiny, chrome-like materials and glowing neon lights that pulse in patterns or sequences. It’s equipped with innovative technologies like holographic projections or floating elements, making it appear as an object from a distant future.

visionary mouse 1

Which one would you die for? Or at least buy?

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