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So this it it.

Just Do What’s Fun. Pursuing their genuine intellectual curiosity is a better foundation for a career than considering what can currently make money.

For Buddhists, our world is just a frozen dream, and it’s about recognizing that the mind is clear, unlimited, without beginning or end, joyful and indestructible, and essentially empty. Everything arises in the mind and perishes in the mind. Our world exists only in the mind.

Enlightenment is the space between your thoughts. (Eckard Tolle)

Most fit and healthy people pay much more attention to what they eat than how much.

A busy mind makes time subjectively pass faster.

The universe is a frothed nothingness

I don’t know what will be the case tomorrow, but I’m sure it’s better if the individual carries within what we once gave to the world, what we knew, how much beauty we created. (Dushan Wegner)

About our crazy, insane times: I never thought the end of the world would be so funny…

You don’t have to know where everything is headed. (BJ Miller)

Be tougher!

A person is richer the more things he can let go of. (Henry David Thoreau, Walden)

The good remains.

You are the sky that dwells in my dreams.

We are nothing at all. Each one of us is plankton in a vast universe. Even all together, we are no more than a brief blink in eternity.

You change the world by your example, not your opinion.

What’s important remains.

that you never reach the destination and ultimately no one really knows.

When fear embraces you, show it your heart.

You can read wrong words correctly and right words wrongly.

Is it a dream or a goal?

You grow out of time, like a child grows out of their shoes. And at some point, there’s simply nothing left. Then a new time begins, or you have no more time.

You can’t negotiate with fate.